[English] /!\ Forum Rules. /!\

[English] /!\ Forum Rules. /!\

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Hello everyone. Here are the rules of this forum.

  • New members have to introduce themselves in the appropriated section so they can have access to the whole of the forum content. As long as the presentation of the new member isn't validated, they would have a very limited access to the forum.

  • Please avoid text language and grammar mistakes. We are here on a forum, you have the time to write messages and to read yourself to correct your mistakes. We don't ask zero mistakes but remember that making an effot to be understandable to others is a sign of respect.

  • This forum is a place of respect so don't insult anyone, be it a simple member, a moderator or an administrator. This includes all possilbe forms of insults, passing by contempt (so no disdainful messages), ignorance (don't ignore messages from others especially if the person is making effort to fit in). Note too: when you answer a subject, verify the others members haven't edited their message. This will show them you are taking them in consideration.

  • When you have forgotten something in your message, it is highly discouraged to post another message right after. This is called double-message and since it's wrong on most of the forums, we are also allergic to this. There is a edit button to use to correct your messages. However if the last message dated from more than one day we can consider the two messages following each other from the same person aren't double-message as separated by at least 24h.

  • In case of the loss of password it is highly discouraged to make a new account. You can contact the administrators so they can resolve this problem (after verifying your identity). Plus the forum propose to send a new password on your email adress used during your sign in, this why you should make sure to indicate a valid email adress.

  • The messages you post have to possess a minimum of interest, go with the topic of the message and don't posses excessive smileys.

  • Your avatar has to stay the most correct possible.

  • Concerning rudeness, our tolerance stop when we consider that it bothers our members. On internet, like in public life we have rules of manners and respect between us.

  • Sanctions are those and given to the discretion of the moderators and administrators.

    -> We warn (one time or more depending of the important of the infraction)
    -> We punish
    -> We banish (duartion of days, weeks, months, years, centuries, ad vitae eternam)
    -> We call competent authorities (only for the serious actions)

English translation by Lyria Sérafin, approved by Final Sérafin
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